Virtual Dynamism

In order to respond to people's changing lifestyle for the provoking future, I was interested in spatial flexibility and lightness that create a virtual dynamism.
This house adapts to seasonal flexibility, different activities, and user’s comfort. The seasonal flexibility is achieved by the movable partitions and roof that control sun exposure – during summer time, the use of roof panels are maximized to prevent the house from heating while the walls open up to allow cross ventilation.

The house reconfigures according to the activities inside the house. There are two main programs – the living space and the performing space. The movable partitions allow the performance space to co-exist with the living space, reconfigure to generate outdoor theatre, as well as generate a flexible living space by altering the dimensions of the activity spaces.

The overlap of the two different materials for the exterior walls creates an effect that changes the interior lighting conditions, public curiosity, and privacy of the building. Depending on the positions of the walls, the walls generate different gradient of opacity.