Francisco Aires Mateus

Aires Mateus: Recent Works | The 23rd Pietro Belluschi Lecture

This era of massive and acritical diffusion of architecture is transforming our world into an ever-more uniform environment. We now live in a particularly homogenous world overflowing and burdened with an endless reproduction of images detached from any specific context. Too often, we operate absorbing and replicating images, without really focusing in the specificity of life, culture and history.

Increasingly imagetic affinities make us lose the original link that binds us to a place, to an irreproducible frame and plot.

Our aim is to restore the idea of architecture as support of life and to find the anthropological place that each project claims starting from the everyday experience.To design out of the evidence hidden in each form of life and culture without genereating images. To restore space as the original foundation/essence of Architecture, invoking it as void, to elude the endlessly repeatable, image-based approach of architecture.

Francisco Aires Mateus

Aires Mateus

Francisco Aires Mateus studied architecture at the Universidade Técnica in Lisbon, where he graduated in 1987. After some years of collaboration with Gonçalo Byrne, he opened the office Aires Mateus with his brother Maunel Aires Mateus. He has been a professor at the Accademia di Architectura, Mendrisio, Switzerland since 2001, and at the Universidade Autónoma, Lisbon, since 1998, as well as visiting professor at I.E. Universidad, Segovia in 2012; at Oslo School of Architecture, Norway in 2009; and the Graduate School of Design, Harvard University, U.S. in 2005.