The Abbatoir | Option Studio

Option Studio: Ground Up: Transfiguring the Abattoirs of Casablanca

Visiting Professors Linna Choi and Tarik Oualalou

Spring 2017


Where the main slaughterhouse used to be, we have the interdisciplinary arts school, comprising the applied arts, audiovisual arts, visual arts, and performance arts. The four programs are serviced by student housing to the back, a storefront in what used to be the intercommunications hall, and shops in front.

The four art schools collaborate on performances in the various theater spaces that take place in the streets. Whether [a small venue or a large one, anyone can walk through and see the play from a view that shows the literal underworkings of production while formal seating arrangements are made above. Adjacent to the stages are the studios where production is done. Finally, we have a strip for entertainment comprising sports fields and restaurants adjacent to a public garden.

The streets turn what used to be the inside of buildings into street fronts.

With this increased porosity and accessibility of the site, the arts school will establish a permanent cultural heart for the city, providing spaces and resources for practicing artists as well as, more importantly, opportunities to engage with the larger context.