Architectural Assemblies | Special Subject

Special Subject: Architecture Design — Architectural Assemblies
Instructor John Klein
Spring 2017

4.S13 (Architectural Assemblies), is a framework geared towards the development of innovative architectural systems, with a specific focus on the building envelope. The course seeks to adapt processes from the aerospace and automotive industries to investigate buildings as prefabricated design and engineering assemblies. The class challenges participant’s to synthesize their knowledge in building design and construction systems, environmental and structural design, and geometric and computational approaches from prior MArch courses.

An overview of materials, processing methods, and their formation into building systems across cultures will be provided through in-depth lectures of notable built works. Advanced design-delivery techniques will be examined through projects utilizing Building Information Modelling (BIM) coupled with automation pipelines and file-to-factory processes. A holistic understanding of the architectural-building cycle enables participants to build upon the history of design and construction to make informed decisions towards developing innovative building systems.

The course is organized in two modules: 1) Systems Investigation, and 2) Systems Innovation. The first module, System Investigation, is an in-depth analysis on specific material systems, and their application in prefabricated mid-rise construction.  The second module, Systems Innovation, will evolve the research into a unique architectural system. Alongside the in class lectures, there will be video conference lectures, invited guest lectures, and site visits that aim to integrate the course with progressive members from industry.