Baja Winery | Core 3


“In twenty years the water will be gone.”

The drought is here. The local aquifer in the Guadalupe valley is being over exploited and with development of wineries, tourism and industry continuing to develop in the region the drought will worsen. The research of this proposal of “one | once” in the Guadelupe valley seeks to interrogate the components of time, scarcity and locality that are collected in the crisis condition of drought.

In a context of drought and rapid development of a depleting resource, my proposal is to construct a temporary winery that exists on the site until the water runs out (no more than 20 years). This winery is not a timeless proposal. It will have a beginning and an end. This ephemeral requirement is manifested in the use of recyclable standard materials and demountable joints and construction.

In the context of drought, what are the materials, forms and organizations that represent an architecture of scarcity? How does the architecture do more with less? The solution that this project pursues is not one of efficiency or conservation but rather an ambition for a richer experience than what excess would produce.

This project seeks to mobilize the local labor and manufacturing industries to produce an architecture that is locally produced and offers employment to local laborers for construction and deconstruction. The climate requirement of the site demands a nimble architecture that, without the allowance of excessive material use, can dynamically respond to the climate to produce a climate that is suitable for winemaking.