Baja Winery | Core 3 Studio

Core 3 Studio: BAJA WINERY: Architecture in the time of drought
Sheila Kennedy, Rami el Samahy, and Mariana Ibanez
Fall 2017


This winery is an evolution of a trend begun recently in the Valle de Guadalupe by the winemaking school, La Escuelita. Run for and by the local community, it provides students with all of the equipment and materials needed to produce wine. The school both fosters stronger connections within the existing community of winemakers in the Valle, and allows new members to enter this community with support.

This project proposes a new brand of winery that builds upon the ideals and goals of La Escuelita. Rather than cater to the desires of foreign tourists, this winery serves as an incubator for winemakers and winery practices in the Valle by combining an independent winery with spaces for communal education and research. This scheme consists of three separate programmatic considerations: the winery, the school, and the residences.The school latches onto and shares the equipment and infrastructure of the independent winery and allows spaces for experimentation and education to be woven into the existing spaces of production in a winery. The residences are organized into a bar that punctures through these programs allowing residents to move freely between spaces of production and education. The project is woven together formally with a series of undulating rammed earth walls that plug into the residential bar and create voids that produce spaces for gathering among residences. The relationship between the spaces of production, education, and living provides a new perspective on the role of community in winemaking in the Valle de Guadalupe.