Coney Island YMCA | Core 2 Studio

Mariana Ibanez, Jennifer Leung, and Christoph Kumpusch
Spring 2018


The Second Core studio poses three challenges for the semester: Who do we envision as our architecture’s subject and by what means do we conjure up this subject for the purposes of design? In what ways might architecture reinforce and transform an old but historically progressive institution? And finally, how do we understand and manage disciplinary lineages in an anachronistic time like ours? Each of these issues is meant to prompt different modes of contextualizing and to enable definitions of criteria for a design of a synthetic architectural proposition.

The subject of the era of globalized capitalism — the multitude — constitutes itself as a public only occasionally through shared concerns, or a collection of personal turn-ons. It makes itself visible more often on twitter than in architecturally defined “public space.” This is not to say that architecture does not have a role to play in the constitution of the multitude, but rather that the relationship between public space and the type of public that assembles from the networked multitudes has yet to be properly conceptualized. We will take on this issue of defining the contemporary subject of architecture in the studio as we re-imagine an architecture dedicated to collective play, sports, and health in Coney Island. Our partner in this endeavor is the New York City YMCA.