Flatness Expanded | Option Studio

Option Studio: Flatness Expanded: Infrastructural Speculations
Instructors: Michael Maltzen, Jeremy Jih
Term: Fall 2017

Prompt: Design a new metro station and metro maintenance facility in Los Angeles’s rapidly changing Arts District.

A community of artists and non-profits claims space within this Los Angeles transit project.  

At the urban scale, an elevated pedestrian pathway runs along the river, establishing a new vector of movement that challenges the prevailing grain of river crossings in the neighborhood. This pathway ties into local developments, provides cover for the transit station, and peels into a circular ramp that dives towards to the ground.

Artist studios and non-profit buildings are nestled beneath and atop this ramp, and alongside maintenance of way facilities. A back-of-house courtyard is shared by transit workers and artists as a space of production.

Overall, the project argues that infrastructural-scale projects present opportunities to integrate seemingly unrelated arts programs. In so doing, both transit and the spaces of creative production are elevated, together creating a community anchor.