LA with a Chance of Showers | Option Studio

Option Studio: Flatness Expanded: Infrastructural Speculations
Instructors: Michael Maltzen, Jeremy Jih
Term: Fall 2017

Unrealized project proposals, fantasy in film and folklore within Los Angeles provide a duplicity of alternative realities that form another image of the city. These hypothetical and fantastical images form the basis of a collective memory of place based in fiction. Whether through render or film aspects of conceived ideas can be observed to circulate back into reality in a cyclical manner. LA with A Chance of Showers envisions the future of civic infrastructure along the Los Angeles River in 2167. The proposal integrates current and projected transportation routes with water retention, and public space. The project aims to highlight the virtual layers of the city of Los Angeles through exhibiting the concealed operations in water and transportation management. Descending 100 m below grade, ground water level is met and the Los Angeles River basin is dropped to meet ground water. The operation which advocates for a deepening of the river bed, results in a new and densified waterfront. Due to changing climatic conditions the facility takes on an ephemeral character as spaces are submerged and revealed in fluctuating precipitation yields. The project connects three modes of infrastructure - transportation, water management and public space in a vertical excavation, adding a new landscape typology to the city of Los Angeles.