Maker's Park | Urban Design Studio

Urban Design Studio: Urbanism After Extraction — Housing, Landscape, and Infrastructure in the Katowice Agglomeration, Poland

Associate Professors Rafi Segal and Marie Law Adams

Spring 2017


Bounded by rail and water, the current condition of the Maker’s Park may be perceived as derelict and neglected; however, there are unique built and landscape conditions that have made the site an informal place of interest within the local community. The former HMN Zinc Factory has scarred the site with exaggerated landscape formations and historic structures. The dispersal of landscape and built elements creates a network that is will be formalized through light rail for physical and social connection across scales.

Honoring the manufacturing legacy of Katowice, while celebrating the new artisans of the community, Katowice Maker’s Park is a live, work, play, typology that provides formalized spaces for community users who were informally utilizing the site during its derelict state. The Maker’s Park is centered around the social exchange of distinct users, whose interactions are facilitated by a predominant landscape connection. The landscape connection is comprised of the series of unique landscape characters while being responsive to the character of each zone it travels through. Organized into three zones, the Maker’s Park features hybridized Housing + Commercial, Arts+ Recreation, and History + Industry territories. Each zone is comprised of built space, connected landscape, and areas of transition.

Each zone has a distinct character that is reflected by the programs it is comprised of. The programs are a reflection of the current and anticipated users of the site. The Maker’s Park provides a range of activities that capitalizes on existing local interests while providing additional programs that support the retention of Katowice’s population.

Through the local activation of the former HMN Zinc Factory site, the Maker’s Park fortifies the Eastern Katowice connection between regional assets such as Downtown Katowice and Nikiszowiec.