(A Post-Work World is) A Post-Time World | Option Studio

Option Studio: Architecture After the End of Work Visiting Professor Keith Krumwiede Spring 2017 

(A Post-Work World is) A Post-Time World

Since the end of work, all the great cities around the world grew into 24-hour cultural playgrounds. Liberated from labor and the eight-hour day schedule, one acquires ideas of time that are detached from efficiency and productivity but enriched with flexibility and malleability inherited in time.

With a non-regimented day, one can dedicate fully to creative production and consumption. Hence, houses are converted into workshops and exhibition spaces. Streets are engulfed by creative activities. The space for living, making, displaying and archiving becomes intermixed and publically accessible, stimulating a creative explosion as well as a domestic presence across the city.

The forces of this creative sprawl conquered the wide border of the Hudson River. The energies of Manhattan overflowed into neighboring Jersey City, a former suburban commuter hub that fed the labor economy of Manhattan during the work era. Jersey City rapidly transformed into a spectacular activity-rich center of its own.

In order to manage this effluent of public creativity, the city has instituted a new planning strategy to enable the residents to maintain the lifestyle of their preference. The new plan is tested on a site composed of two empty urban blocks which are transformed to connect to the surrounding cultural sprawl.

The first element in the new plan is the retreat. Alongside the provision of universal basic income, the new plan allots each individual a space for retreat that will strengthen the thriving economy of creativity which has colonized the urban ground. The retreat is inhabited within the thinness of the vertical slabs which organize and frame the cultural landscape from which they rise. It functions in the 24-hour day where one follows archaic rituals based on sunrise and sunset.

The second element of the new plan is the cultural landscape. The urban ground is turned into a volumetric, expansive landscape of cultural activities. These activities are housed in a series of urban rooms which are configured to stimulate creation of mood and atmosphere, rendering an environment created by the activities of post-time life. The scale of these urban rooms makes the wall a building of its own, hosting smaller spaces for supporting the full range of cultural and social activities. Here, the non-regimented day of creative production and consumption is made possible in this thick ground.

In this super house, one can choose between thinness and thickness, between fastness and slowness, between a 24-hour day and a non-regimented day.