A Vertical Farm | Option Studio

Dan Wood, Sam Ghantous
Spring 2019

We are at a critical moment in the history of both working and living. It is not clear how or where — or even if — people will work in the future, but it is already clear that as technology evolves, working and living will become even more intertwined.

To date, architecture’s response in the interior has been slight modifications to extremely traditional living arrangements, what has come be known as “live-work.”. On the exterior, though, new residential buildings have almost entirely adopted the language of glass skyscrapers, previously the sole domain of the commercial office building. Compare, however, this banal cooption of work-culture with earlier precedents — the development of artist lofts in SoHo’s former manufacturing buildings, for example — and one can see how creative reuse of working space can lead to more radical and experimental ways of living in the city.