Laurent Ney

Are Bridges Designed? The Edward and Mary Allen Lecture in Structural Design

Our environment is marked by the built form, and our quality of life is dependent on it. A building may have limited life expectancy, but infrastructure is more resilient, it structures the landscape, in fact it becomes the landscape. In a world that is characterized by finality, we must bear in mind that any major intervention in the landscape will leave its mark for hundreds of years to come, and so must be carefully conceived. Architecture, in the broadest sense, and bridge design in particular, are the physical manifestation of a wider culture. Integrated design should be the strategy to achieve a better and sustainable infrastructure for the future generations.

Laurent Ney

Ney & Partners

Laurent Ney (b. 1964 in France, Luxemburgish nationality) is a civil engineer and architect trained in Belgium and Germany. Since 1995 he has been a lecturer on structural engineering at several Belgian universities. He founded the engineering firm Ney & Partners in Brussels and Luxembourg. In 2012 a satellite office was opened in Tokyo. Ney’s approach is marked by research-based design: optimization and form-finding. Constructability and sustainability are integrated into all the designs. Ney & Partners works mainly in Europe and Asia and designs footbridges, bridges, special structures and works in close collaboration with architects.