Tanya Luthi

From Here to There and Back Again: Timber in the Built Environment

As concerns about climate change mount and designers seek more sustainable ways to build, there has been a resurgence of interest in building with timber. After a brief look back at the history of wood as a structural material, this talk will explore the opportunities and challenges of modern mass timber building systems.

Tanya Luthi

Senior Associate, Fast + Epp Structural Engineers

Tanya Luthi is a licensed Professional Engineer and a Senior Associate at the structural engineering firm Fast + Epp. Although fluent with all structural materials, Fast + Epp is known for projects that incorporate a significant amount of timber. In 2000, Tanya graduated from Princeton University with a Bachelor of Arts in Politics but decided on a career change before beginning graduate studies at The University of Texas at Austin. She completed a Master of Science in Civil Engineering and graduated from the Structural Engineering program in 2005. Tanya has designed a wide range of structures in steel, concrete, and wood, including commercial, institutional, and residential buildings. She joined Fast + Epp’s Vancouver head office in 2011 and started the firm’s New York branch office in early 2016.