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Sep 07, 2018. Posted by Irina Chernyakova

The construction and operation of all kinds of buildings uses vast amounts of energy and natural resources. Researchers around the world have therefore been seeking ways to make buildings more efficient and less dependent on emissions-intensive materials.

Sep 06, 2018. Posted by Irina Chernyakova

Inside Ana Miljacki’s office in MIT’s Department of Architecture, a sign hangs on the wall bearing a wry message:


By itself, that sign could be a lot of things: an earnest plea to enjoy the moment, an ironic commentary on the futility of seeking perfection, or a wistful nod to the impermanence of everything.

Aug 31, 2018. Posted by Irina Chernyakova

The Department of Architecture welcomes Rosalyne Shieh as the Marion Mahony Emerging Practitioner Fellow, and Hans Tursack, the Pietro Belluschi Teaching Fellow, for the 2018-2019 academic year. These Fellowships support architects and designers at various stages of their teaching and research careers.