Ehsan Baharlou

Ehsan Baharlou is a researcher, designer, and lecturer with an expertise in computational design and digital fabrication. He is currently a postdoctoral associate in Prof. Mark Goulthorpe’s group (Composite Architectures), where he is conducting a research for developing composite housing (buildings). He recently completed his PhD research, under supervision of Prof. Menges (ICD) at the University of Stuttgart. He holds a Master of Science in Architecture with distinction from the Islamic Azad University of Tehran.

His research has focused on the integration of fabrication and construction constraints into a computational model for the realization of informed form generation, e.g., using agent-based modeling and simulation. The research builds on more than seven years of research and teaching experiences covering seminars and studios aimed at the development of computational design tools with an emphasis on behavior-based systems that are applied to digital fabrication. His research interest also lies on the development of a computational methods to automate materialization of architectural design for new material-processing logics.