Lawrence Sass

Larry Sass is an architectural designer and researcher exploring digital design and fabrication across scales. As an associate professor in the Department of Architecture at MIT, Larry has taught courses specifically in digital fabrication and design computing since 2002. He earned his PhD ‘00 and SMArchS ’94 at MIT, and has a BArch from Pratt Institute in NYC. Larry has published widely, and has exhibited his work at the Museum of Modern Art in New York City.

Larry’s research focused on digital delivery of housing for low income families. Main ideas are centered on discovery and development of new design tools that automated the production of design models and and aid in fabrication of finished construction. He believes that hand crafted, hand operated construction will soon be a thing of the past, and that in the future, buildings will be printed with machines run by computers. Today in the age of manufacturing with information and and new forms of machine intelligence more than ever designers will need new tools to produce their ideas. His latest obsession is development of fabrication based software that helps designers and builders physical produce ideas from 3D computer models.

2000 Doctoral Dissertation: Reconstructing Palladio's Villas: An Analysis of Palladio's Villa Design and Construction Process

1994 SMArchS Thesis: Precedents in African American Architecture

Areas of Interest
Building Materials, CAD/CAM, Computation, Digital Fabrication, Graphic Representation, Historic Preservation, Housing, Modern Architecture, Prototyping, Shape Grammars, Structures, Visualization