Lucy Siyao Liu

Lucy Siyao Liu is a designer. Her work addresses contestations and disjunctions that occur in imaging technologies, with an emphasis on on evolving drawing and animation processes for architectural production. Although she works on topics in technology, digitality and computational methods, she is first and foremost concerned with transformative effects of these techniques on politics and poetics. Thus, her tools are constantly changing to stay coherent with her search.

She is the creator and co-editor of PROPS PAPER, a weekly paper on images. Her most recent project, A Curriculum on the Fabrication of Clouds, is a collection of drawing experiments framed as pedagogical acts to examine drawing as a mode of scientific and artistic inquiry in cloud studies. 

Her projects have been published by RISD Architectural Press and UED Magazine. She has presented work at the Carpenter Center for the Visual Arts at Harvard University, MIT Keller Gallery, Ashmolean Museum at University of Oxford, RISD Museum, China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing Design Week, and various other exhibitions. Her background is in architectural design and fine art from Rhode Island School of Design. She recently received a post-professional research degree from the SMArchS Architectural Design Group at MIT.

She is currently a lecturer in the Art, Culture and Technology Program at MIT, teaching the course Orthographies: New Kinds of Drawings and New Kinds of Things in Fall 2017.

2017 SMArchS Thesis: A Curriculum on the Fabrication of Clouds