Basile Baudez

Drawing for the Prize: Architectural Competition Drawings from Europe to America

Within a few crucial decades the Beaux-Arts system of architecture, conceived in France around 1830, produced an international style that proved the bulwark against which Modernism was to react. In this talk the reasons behind the Beaux-Arts’s wild success will be positioned not through its successful aesthetic criteria embodied in buildings but the power of a highly codified representational system of drawing that appealed to teachers, students and clients and a competition system in which the drawing, not the building, earned the prize.

Basile Baudez

Université Paris-Sorbonne

Basile Baudez received his PhD from the Ecole pratique des hautes études in Paris in 2006 and published his dissertation at the Presses universitaires de Rennes under the title Architecture et tradition académique au siècle des Lumières. He is currently associate professor in art and architectural history at the Paris-Sorbonne University. His current book project addresses the rise and dominance of the Beaux-Arts style in architectural drawing in Europe and America from the eighteenth through twentieth centuries.