Çelik Alexander, May, Allais, Eigen, Halpern, Harwood, Hunter, & Osman

The Instruments Project, Workshop IV

10:00am - 5:00pm

Sponsored by: MIT HTC; The Aggregate Architectural History Collaborative; The Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council of Canada

Caught between technophilia and technophobia, the fields of architecture, landscape, and urbanism are unable to articulate the material and epistemic conditions under which they labor today. Architectural techniques and tools remain consigned to the celebratory rhetoric of scientific discovery and technical innovation, whose principles now govern design practice and pedagogy simply by way of theoretical exhaustion. Speed, exactitude, acumen, efficacy, expertise, efficiency, and other trusted axioms of modern life can no longer conceal the political and existential silence that resides at their core. The Instruments Project is an excavation of that silence: its continuities and divisions, its hidden historical impulses, and the forms of reasoning and representation resident within it. Through sustained attention to instrumental processes that are by design simultaneously material and metaphysical, the project works towards establishing the technical dimension of architecture, landscape, and urbanism as a legitimate site for historical inquiry and philosophical reflection.

Çelik Alexander, May, Allais, Eigen, Halpern, Harwood, Hunter, & Osman

Zeynep Celik Alexander, University of Toronto (co-organizer)
John May, University of Toronto (co-organizer)
Lucia Allais, Princeton University
Edward Eigen, Harvard University
Orit Halpern, New School/Parsons
John Harwood, Oberlin College
Matthew Hunter, McGill University
Michael Osman, UCLA