MIT - Elisa - UIAH Mobile Health Project


In this project, we are developing and evaluating software for a common mobile phone that uses context-aware, tailored, just-in-time presentation of information and operant conditioning, a training technique, to encourage brisk walking. The system uses subtle audio cues as positive reinforcement. The prototype is an example of a ubiquitous computing health intervention that presents behavior-specific prompts and encourages incremental behavior change using successive approximation. To evaluate the effectiveness of the system, it is being deployed in a population of Finnish mobile phone users. The impact of the technology on physical activity and feelings about fitness and readiness to engage in physical activity will be measured.

Research Team

Dr. Stephen Intille, Hyon Lee, Kent Larson, Jennifer Beaudin
Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Annakaisa Häyrynen, Ville Nordberg

Professor Jarmo Suominen, Kirsi Turkia, Johanna Lappi
University of Art and Design Helsinki UIAH


Funded by the MIT House_n Consortium, Tekes, and Elisa.

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Last updated: February 25, 2008