Neil Thomas and Aran Chadwick, Atelier One, London

Liquid Threshold

A breath-taking journey, which extends from the sublime intervention of an Art installation to the technology behind the greatest shows on earth. A talk by Aran Chadwick and Neil Thomas founders and directors of one of the most innovative Structural Engineering practices in the world, Atelier One.

Neil Thomas and Aran Chadwick, Atelier One, London

Neil Thomas is the Director of Atelier One, which has been described as ‘the most innovative engineering practice in the UK’. This innovation covers high-level research and implementation for materials in an enormous scale and variety of projects, often providing specialist advice to larger consulting practices. 

Aran Chadwick is a Director of Atelier One and works from the London Office. He joined Atelier One as a project engineer in 1992 with a specific interest in demountable structures and became a Director in 1997. Prior to join- ing Atelier One he gained a broad graduate engineers training, working on projects ranging from Canary Wharf tube stations shell structure to post tensioning systems for remedial works to listed buildings. 

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