Student / Alumni
Caroline Murphy

Caroline Murphy is a PhD student in History, Theory, and Criticism of Architecture and Art.  She completed her SMArchS degree in 2016 in the same program, and holds a BA in Architectural Studies and History of Art from the University of Toronto.  Her 2016 master's thesis, "Fact and Sanctity: Authenticating Laudianism in the English Monasticon Anglicanum's Architectural Prints (1655)," recognized with a departmental thesis prize, examined early English antiquarian representations of architecture and their role in shaping confessional identities and historical narratives in the aftermath of the English Reformation.  Past work has explored the production of factual authority in Tudor chorography and cartography, and the social functions of aristocratic banqueting architecture in England. 

2016 SMArchS ThesisFact and Sanctity: Authenticating Laudianism in the English Monasticon Anglicanum's Architectural Prints (1655)