Student / Alumni
Chantal El Hayek

Chantal El Hayek's research interests concentrate on the intersection between trade and the production of space with an emphasis on connections between France and the Eastern Mediterranean world in the nineteenth century through WWII. She applies political and economic concerns to studying urban development and planning and architectural history. Her thesis examined the marketplaces of Beirut in the late Ottoman and French Colonial periods and their transformation as they become hitched to a new international economic network.

Chantal received a Master of Science in Architecture Studies from MIT and holds a post-professional Masters in Architecture from Princeton University and a Bachelor in Architecture from the Lebanese American University. Before joining MIT, she was a tutor at the Lebanese American University in Beirut. She has taught architectural design and theory and conducted workshops on Mediterranean cities in the Levant and in Europe with the Mies van der Rohe Foundation. Chantal has also worked as an architect in Lebanon and the United States.

2015 SMArchS Thesis: The Last Levantine City: Beirut, 1830-1930