Student / Alumni
Karen Noiva

I received my B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from MIT in 2008 and my M.S. in Building Technology from MIT in 2011. My research is motivated by a desire to help society move towards more sustainable development while increasing quality of life throughout the world and I hope that investigating the complex interactions between social and natural systems will give some insight into that aim. My interest in sustainability began when I was living in Hawaii for a year, where I realized that cities consume far more than they produce in their local hinterlands.

My interests entail activities that allow me to explore the world and people around me: traveling, cooking, reading, writing and conversation. I prefer to travel outside and have cycled across the U.S. and Africa. Through my travels I became interested in water as a critical resource and the impact of sustainability on community health and culture.

2011 SMBT Thesis: Modeling the Water Consumption of Singapore Using System Dynamics