Molly Mason

Molly Mason is an architectural designer and fabricator. She arned her B.Arch from Pratt Institute in 2015 and spent several years practicing architecture, construction, and digital fabrication in New York City. She is interested in computational design and fabrication, robotics, kinetic environments, and the relationship between craft knowledge and computational thinking. Her research is both about how technology creates environments capable of change and how our own understanding of self and body changes in the face of technology.

Areas of Interest
Art and Technology, Artificial Intelligence, Building Materials, CAD/CAM, Community Planning and Economic Development, Computation, Digital Fabrication, Education, Machine Learning, Prototyping, Public Art, Public Participation, Structures, Sustainability


2010 - 2015
B.Arch, Pratt Institute

Academic Experience

2012 - 2015
Teaching Assistant, Pratt Institute

Professional Experience

2018 - 2018
Designer, Pfeiffer Partners
2015 - 2017
Project Designer, Doban Architecture + Think Fabricate