Design Workshop for a Sustainable Future – Affordable Housing in India

4.151; 4.461. Also requires permission of instructor.



This research and design workshop will explore affordable housing methodologies in India. This interdisciplinary workshop cuts across the faculties of material science and architecture. By considering environmental, economic, and social impacts, students will explore alternatives to materials for masonry construction in India to align two technologies – in situ construction with prefabrication; and two thought processes – incremental housing and prefabricated solutions. We will explore how incremental growth can be a function of manufacturing methods.* Students will understand the landscape of construction materials and housing models in developing contexts and will learn tools to evaluate the environmental and economic performance of various building unit types. The workshop offers a two-week research trip to India prior to the beginning of the semester to engage local stakeholders and to gain important local knowledge and context. Travel costs will be supported by the Tata Center for Technology and Design. There will be an information session in early May.

NOTE: Enrollment limited to 6 students

If interested please contact Aditya Barve at asbarve@mit.edu before May 10, 2014.