4.032 / 4.033
Design Studio: Information and Visualization

UG: 4.032; G: 4.033
Required of: 
Design Minor students

Note: schedule change: will now meet F 9-12 in room N52-337

 This class provides an introduction to working with information, data and visualization in a hands-on studio learning environment. Studies the history and theory of information, followed by a series of projects in which students apply the ideas directly. Progresses though basic data analysis, visual design and presentation, and more sophisticated interaction techniques. Topics include storytelling and narrative, choosing representations, understanding audiences, and the role of designers working with data.

Subject Objectives

  • Demonstrate advanced knowledge of, and be able to critically analyze content, form, dynamics and interactivity as it applies to data visualization.
  • Develop skills to design effective visual communication and information displays, by learning a framework for educated exploration and invention.
  • Gain experience in describing, analyzing, and evaluating various data visualization approaches through recurrent presentations and critiques.
  • Conceptualize and implement static and dynamic design concepts for qualitative and quantitative data.
  • Demonstrate a deeper understanding of how to create visualizations of pre-existing data sets.
  • Create data visualizations using development environments and web-based programming libraries.