Architectural Design Workshop — China: Design-Build Village Urbanism (half-term)

Permission of instructor
Limited to 8
Open only to: 
8 current 2nd & 3rd year M.Arch + SMArchS

This is a continuation of the rural workshop developed by Wang Shu (Pritzker Prize recipient) of the Chinese Academy of Arts and Professor Adele Santos. This very special design/build opportunity with Professor Anton García-Abril and  Wang Shu  will design and build two small public buildings on a site adjacent to last year’s village. MIT students will work in conjunction with students from both Southeastern University (SEU) and the Chinese Academy of Art.

The workshop component will take place in early summer (June 5-27 with departure from Boston June 1-3) and be followed by a compressed studio for half the semester in the Fall (Sept. 8- October 28).  The combined workshop and compressed studio will fulfill the Options Studio requirement for eligible students (M.Arch entering year 3) while only being a half semester studio.  Students selecting the combined summer workshop + compressed studio sequence will receive priority, but a few spots may/should be available to students interested in the summer workshop component only.

The workshop/studio will allow students an opportunity to work intimately with a rural village in China, learn hands techniques through mock-ups with local craftspeople and builders, and design two civic structures that will be selected and built by the local government.  The studio portion will build on the workshop experience in China to develop further design proposals that learn from the building traditions and translate them into new conditions and contexts.  Professor García-Abril will participate in the workshop in China and Professor Wang Shu will participate in the Fall studio semester.  All travel and lodging for students will be sponsored and the workshop/studio will be limited to 8-10 students. 

Summer travel

June 5-26, 2017