Architectural Design Workshop — Architectural + Urban Identifications: Modeling the Rules, Play and Forms, of Domination and Diversity

Permission of instructor

This course is an interdisciplinary exploration of diversity in cities in which the study of urban behaviors, dynamics and forms will be grounded in the analysis of dynamic (socio-cultural and complex) systems. We will gain an understanding of how cultural phenomena may be spatialized by examining the effects of rules, codes and customs on the visible structures of cities.

 Both analytic and prescriptive, the explorations will engage the debate on the degree to which the structures of buildings and cities reflect the social structure of the inhabitants. The intersections of societal difference, architecture and the city will be explored through game and simulation studies and prototypes and analogous readings. The explorations and results will be both analog and digital and include a range from card and board games to digital games, models and simulations that deconstruct and build architectural and urban forms.

 The challenge of the course is to advance a disciplinary language and tools to address the social dimensions of architectural and urban forms through the study of dynamics that underlie concepts such as the white city, black city, or sanctuary city.

Class is canceled on 10/12/17 and 11/9/17. There are two make-up classes scheduled:

Wednesday, 10/18/2017, 7-10 pm in room 1-132
Wednesday, 11/15/2017, 7-10 pm in room 1-132