4.230J / 11.468J / 4.231
SIGUS Workshop — Focus El Salvador Rural Development

Permission of instructor
U: 4.230 or 11.468; UG: 4.231

Graduates: register for 4.230 or 11.468
Undergraduates: register for 4.231

Interdisciplinary projects and interactive practices in urban settlement issues as investigated by MIT's SIGUS (Special Interest Group in Urban Settlement), with a focus on developing countries throughout the world. Participation by guest practitioners. Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.

This semester will build on the summer fieldwork in Perquin, El Salvador, focusing on STEM education in rural areas of the Third World and related economic development of rural villages. 

Two basic questions are stressed: 

  1. How can the village and rural area be developed, to mitigate rural-urban migration?
  1. How could MIT help in supporting the development?