Advanced Projects in Digital Media

4.562, 4.564 or permission of instructor

Can be repeated for credit.

This course provides opportunities for a student to develop an independent research project with a topic related to digital design media. The primal audience are students with background in spatial design who have already acquired basic technical foundation in advanced graphics software and/or graphics programming languages through the previous classes at MIT. A student in a research degree program in architecture can use this course to start up a pilot research project prior to his or her thesis semester.

The class runs in two different modes. A student must declare a clear frame of a research project at the beginning of the semester upon consultation with the instructor. There will be weekly individual desk critic sessions to help each student advancing an independent research project. At mid-term and the end of the semester, review sessions will be held communally to share the progress and outcome of individual projects. At other meeting times throughout the semester, there will be occasional short presentations by the instructor or guest speakers who will introduce a variety of research projects and different approaches to solutions.

The choice of student independent research topics includes:

1.    Software design tool development
2.    Design knowledge representation and its digital implementation
3.    Advanced digital design/visualization project
4.    Development of interactive hardware device for design and presentation
5.    Other topics related to the use of digital technology in architectural design