Advanced Study in Critical Theory of Architecture



This seminar will look at the rapid emergence of the digital in the last decade, and the historical and theoretical transitions from computation to algorithms, from the high-minded world of Computational Intelligence to pop-cultural imaginaries, from languages that proclaim the inevitable appotheiosis of reason to languages that embrace the necessities of seduction. What and where is the ‘architecture’ in all of this? We will study, among other things, the history of CATIA, Arata Isozaki’s computational surrealism, Delphi, the emergence of post humanist cad monkey, The Computer Fraud and Abuse Act of 1896, and onward to algorithmic urbanism (both rogue and real),  and beyond. At each stage we will try to intertwine the historical with the philosophical.

Seminar on a selected topic in critical theory. Requires original research and presentation of oral and written report.