Architectural Design Workshop — Design and Build in Hangzhou China with Pritzker Prize Winner Wang Shu

Permission of instructor
Preference Given to: 
Students who've completed 2nd or 3rd year MArch, SMArchS, preferably with some professional experience. (1st Year MArch with faculty recommendation.)

Over a three week period graduate students from MIT will join students from Southeast University (SEU) and China Academy of Art (CAA). Approximately 20 students will design small buildings in a traditional mountain village, Heshaoxi Village, a few hours drive from Hangzhou. Wang Shu and his firm Amateur Architecture Studio have been working to help restore, rebuild and add new buildings in these villages and know the communities well. This is a continuation of the two previous Design and Build Workshops and will include side trips to see the buildings that were built from the previous two years. Working in pairs MIT students will make design proposals at a sufficient level of detail to include building tectonics. The team of craftsman and builders that work with his firm will provide advice. At the end of this process at least one project will be selected for construction. The winners will work with Amateur Architecture Studio to prepare construction documents and supervise the construction during Fall Semester.

The studio will begin with a visit to the village. A site survey will be made followed by a short urban design exercise to identify sites and programs. Students will select a site and an appropriate program. Following this visit, the workshop will return to the Xiangshan Campus of CAA designed by Wang Shu. After five days of studio work in CAA, the village will be revisited to verify design decisions. The period in China is planned to be approximately three weeks. The workshop will return to MIT and prepare presentation material for presentation in the Fall Semester. Wang Shu, his wife and business partner Wenyu Lu will also join the workshop for the last few days and the Review at MIT. After the presentations the jury will collectively select projects to be built. The finalists will be announced late November.

Wang Shu, Dean of the School of Architecture, China Academy of Art
Wenyu Lu, Cofounder of Amateur Architecture Studio
Yao Zhang, MIT Lecturer, Graduate of SMArchs MIT and SEU. Whole workshop.
Representatives from each school will join Dean Wang Shu in China during the workshop.

Travel and accommodation provide


Please send a statement of interest to Professor Adèle Naudé Santos, asap.

Detailed Itinerary, subject to change:

  • 6/15 MIT Students depart from US
  • 6/16 Arrive in Shanghai Pudong international airport. Shuttle from airport to train station. High-speed train to Hangzhou. 
  • 6/17 Beginning of the workshop on CAA Xiangshan Campus. Lecture from Wang Shu, Yao and Lee (faculty from CAA).  
  • 6/18 Day trip to PINWU Craft Library and experimental wooden construction factory in Qingshan Village.
  • 6/19 Working in PINWU Lab. Passenger van to Heshaoxi Village in the evening.
  • 6/20 Local governors' announcement. Site survey.
  • 6/24 Day trip to construction sites of the last two-year projects. 
  • 6/25 Lecture given by the master of traditional wooden construction
  • 6/28 Mid-term review
  • 7/1 Lecture given by Hao Wang, award-winning architect on the reinvention of the historical construction
  • 7/5 move to CAA Xiangshan Campus in Hangzhou
  • 7/6 Final review in Xiangshan
  • 7/7 Day trip to Wang Shu's latest project in Fuyang
  • 7/8 Depart from Shanghai

 After return to the US, the winning team will develop the DD drawings with the support of Design Institute from China. The other team will keep developing their schemes and prepare for the publication. Wang Shu has agreed to come back before the Thanksgiving and give the final review. One more proposal will be selected on the final review and prepared for the construction later.