4.236J / 11.463J
Structuring Low-Income Housing Projects in Developing Countries — Reconstruction After Conflicts

Permission of instructor

FOCUS FOR FALL 2018:  RECONSTRUCTION AFTER CONFLICT will be the context for explorations.  The ongoing conflicts in the world must/will come to an end, and the hard work of rebuilding begins:  What are the key factors that influence construction efforts?  How could we contribute?  

We will explore the underlining issues to rebuilding using project documents by development agencies, and examining cities that have rebuilt, both recent and historical.  Participants will be required to find previous rebuilding projects or a city example to use as the basis for comparison — ideally 3-4 examples will be examined by teams and compared.

The course is structured around four defining categories:  WHAT is to be done considering priority, scope and politics; HOW would it be structured; WHO would take responsibility and who does the work; and HOW is it paid for?  (How does ‘reconstruction after conflict’ differ from disaster rebuilding?  Could we borrow approaches that work after disasters?)

A final paper and a debate suggesting strategies for rebuilding are required.  The course will draw on speakers from countries currently or recently in conflict.