Architectural Design Workshop — ON/OFF: Architecture of the Earth

Permission of instructor
Limited to 8
Preference Given to: 
MArch, SMArchS

ON/OFF Architecture of the Earth is an Hands-On workshop in which students will integrate research, planning and design during two weeks. The main topic of the workshop is the dialectic relation between matter and space, and the creative processes to build them. The course will unfold online/offsite, with one project designed, developed and built offsite at Ca'n Terra in Menorca, Spain. 

Thus the first part of the workshop will be focused on design and the second on prototyping. During the design phase, students will participate in seminars to expand their technical skills, and will start developing their ideas through iterative model studies, exploring intuitive design approaches. 

Students will travel to an unparalleled setting, Ca’n Terra –Ensamble Studio’s new landscape laboratory– to scale up their architectural experiments and build a full-scale prototype. Ca'n Terra is an ideal space where the prototype can be built, keeping a close relationship between the workshop topic "Architecture of the Earth", the repurposed quarry space of Ca'n Terra and the prototype itself.

MIT students will have the opportunity to participate in an enriching experience involving academic and theoretical design and research followed by practical application of their concepts.

Workshop Details

The workshop will be developed in 2 different stages:

  • Stage 1_design (case studies, models, 3D scans, engineering, etc) 
  • Stage 2_construction (molding, rebars, concrete casting, unmolding, etc) offsite, resulting in the designed work being built.

Please email your application to: ensamble@mit.edu by May 30, 2019.

Tuesday, April 30, at 5:30am in the Long Lounge