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SIGUS Workshop — UN World Urban Forum 10: Abu Dhabi

Permission of instructor

First Meeting (Organizational)  — Wednesday, September 4, 5 pm in room 3-329

Travel: Abu Dhabi Field Trip for selected members

The workshop is open to all in the MIT community but enrollment limited. Undergraduates are particularly welcome.  First class organizational with overview.  (Final acceptance requires 1-page ‘Make The Case’ application: why you want to participate and how you can contribute.)

This workshop provides brainstorming and prepares for the ‘UN WUF 10’ in Abu Dhabi, February 8-13, 2020:   Three activities are considered: 

  1. A Training Session proposal will be entered and an 
  2. Exhibit will be designed and mounted. 
  3. An international workshop among partner universities is under consideration and being planned before the Forum to be held in Abu Dhabi; discussion partners include UAE University in Al Ain; Cairo University; Indonesia (Solo) Sebelas Maret University; and Berlin Technical University.


  • The SIGUS Group has offered training sessions and mounted exhibits at the previous UN World Forums (UN WUF 5 Rio 2010: ‘Exploring Incremental Housing’UN WUF 6 Naples 2012: ‘Growing Up – The Search for Multi-Story Incremental Housing’; UN WUF 9 Kuala Lumpur 2018: ‘The Good Drone- A Partner in Development’; HABITAT II Istanbul - ‘Reunion of USDP Alumni’,  HABITAT III Quito 2016: ‘Comparing Informal and Formal Community’.  We will continue with offering sessions and exhibit at the UN WUF 10 in Abu Dhabi.
  • UN WUF 10    https://unhabitat.org/wuf10/
  • Previous SIGUS WUF Sessions   http://web.mit.edu/incrementalhousing/

Additional work required of students taking the graduate version.