Special Subject: Architecture Design — Athens Urban Agriculture Design Build

Permission of Instructor
Limited to 6
Preference Given to: 
  • preliminary meetings May 20-July 11
  • travel to Athens July 12-23, 2019
  • final wrap-up meetings and presentations in September 2019

This workshop is an extension of the work developed in 4.153 Arrival Studio Athens. In collaboration with non-profit organization the Home Project (www.homeproject.org), we are proposing to design and build a rooftop urban agriculture garden / classroom that will serve to benefit and educate unaccompanied minor refugees accommodated in the building and in the neighborhood. The students will continue to design and prototype the garden installation while in Cambridge from May 20 through July 11, and then will travel to Athens for July 12 through July 23, 2019. The workshop will conclude with a review and presentation of the work during the fall semester 2019.