Special Subject: Architecture Design — Buildings with Attitude

Permission of Instructor
Preference Given to: 
MArch, SMArchS

The workshop will offer a platform to explore concepts of autonomous robotic architecture. The development of selective prototypes of possible future human–robotic architecture coexistence are encouraged.

Relying on automation or remotely governed technological accessorization of buildings produced by non-architecture companies not only undermines the design potential of behavioral architecture but turns architecture into a mere sensor scaffold. This workshop is an exploration of how to leverage the long life span of buildings in order to have them accumulate experience as quasi-beings with architecture-specific social and communicative abilities to coexist with their human inhabitants; in other words, develop concepts for buildings with an attitude and a more active role beyond the physical form leveraging technology to pull together the building as a whole acting entity tending towards an architectural consciousness.

The challenge is to avoid the pitfalls of the anthropomorphic and the shortcomings of interactive paradigms. The task is to develop autonomous architecture with an architecture-specific set of behaviors and agendas; these may include the will to survive, a drive to discover how to use its physical entities to preserve resources and engage socially and how to extend design into life long learning for the architectural body.