Special Subject: Architecture Design — Design, Development, Practice

Permission of Instructor

DDP is a workshop that introduces architects, planners, and real estate development students the interplay between design and finance in the early stage of project development. Design and finance are seldom discussed together due to the perceived notion that they belong to two different phases of development. However, for developers, design is a pow-erful tool when underwriting a potential project. For designers, acknowledging the financial constraints and understanding precedents for financial opportunity can provide a sustainable foundation for their design solutions.

This class is intended for those who would like to build their understanding of the val-ue of design, develop real estate financial literacy and gain more aligned agency in their future projects. The workshop is open to anyone who shares the same interest including students from other schools but will be especially beneficial to MSRED, SMArchS, and MArch students.

Students are required to develop a com-prehensive development proposal and present their outcome on the last day of the class. A successful proposal will clear-ly illustrate the core design concept and development thesis as well as presenting a feasible financial strategy. Students are encouraged to work as a group with other students from different backgrounds.  

No additional assignments are required.