4.s24J / CMS.s60J
Special Subject: Architecture Studies — Mine(s)and Others: Copper, Community, Place: Transmedia Storytelling

Permission of Instructor
Limited to 8
Preference Given to: 
MArch, SMArchS design, SMACT, MCP, MSE; undergraduates welcome

Info session: Wed, September 4, in Steam Cafe, Building 7 (Architecture)

First meeting: Wed, September 11, room 3-329

As I dig into the earth to remove its contents, over time the byproducts of mining begin to affect my breath, my skin, my mental functioning. What seems most sovereign — my own body — becomes violated by another who profits from my labor and my energetic output. When the abundance of my body confers this abundance to this Other; what seems most intimately mine has become no longer. 

— Marisa Morán Jahn, excerpt from forthcoming book.

Far removed from the increasingly expanding urban populations, extraction sites remain hidden spaces of violent, environmental transformation. As a consequence, and in spite of our digital hyperconnectivity, the physical distancing of communities from mines contribute to the public’s inability to monitor those powers (corporate, governmental, paramilitary) that profit — at the expense of the environment and public health. Our networked selves in fact rely on this self-same vector of extraction and its obfuscation.   

This workshop explores transmedia storytelling’s power to strengthen a sense of connection, strengthen accountability, and call attention to the complexity of extractive landscapes — our dependency, the promise of sustainability, indigenous sovereignty, and a biopolitical revaluation of the subjugation inherent in rapacious extraction.

Through case studies, examples of interactive media (XR, machine learning/AI, projection mapping, interactive film, data visualization), guest speakers, and hands-on transmedia production, this workshop explores how stories play foundational roles in imagining notions of place and the instauration of power.

Grading: pass/fail

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Fall 2019