Special Subject: Architecture Design — Experiments in Pedagogy

The Experiments in Pedagogy are tests and provocations. Selected from an open call, the Experiments allow students and faculty to take on topics and modes of inquiry that do not fit into the current curriculum. They are an invitation to students and faculty to investigate new models, formats, and topics of learning, design, and research.

To enable this, we have created a special subject for these projects (4.S14). Students can receive up to 12 credits (maximum 4 Experiments) over the Fall semester and IAP; this course can fulfill an open elective. Experiments range from 3 to 6 credits. All Experiments will have a public event or review open to all.


IAP: Maroula Bacharidou & Athina Papadopoulou

Fall: Faculty leads are Mark Jarzombek and J. Meejin Yoon. Irina Chernyakova, ich@mit.edu, and Danniely Staback, dstaback@mit.edu, are coordinating the Experiments.
Renée Caso, yammie@mit.edu, can answer questions related to credit hours.


Maroula Bacharidou & Athina Papadopoulou
January 14-31, 2019
Meets daily 10 am to 1 pm in MIT's International Design Center (IDC) room N52-337
Contact: inclusive-instructors@mit.edu

Design practices tend to prioritize vision over other senses, neglecting aspects of accessibility and inclusivity. Transensational Objects explores how spatial experiences inaccessible to the blind can be translated into non-visual modalities and inform inclusive design processes. Using the campus of the Perkins School for the Blind as a site of intervention, students will design auditory and/or tactile objects — from wearables and interfaces to design objects and spatial installations — while receiving feedback from specialists and students from Perkins.