4.320 / 4.321
Introduction to Sound Creations

4.320 ⎯ Undergraduate Subject
4.321 ⎯ Graduate Subject

This program will focus on sound as an artistic practice and medium. 'Introduction to Sound Creations' will investigate specific compositional developments of post-war modernity, electro-acoustic music as well as other non-musical disciplines related to the psycho-physics of hearing and listening. The program will explore the ways of thinking that a study of sound might instigate as well as practices that have emerged outside a purely musical environment from both contemporary and historical perspectives. Students will be encouraged to develop a range of projects ⎯ collective or individual that will take into account the topics proposed above in ACT's sound studio and beyond. Lectures, listening sessions, readings, and group discussions as well as contact with professionals will encourage an aesthetic appreciation of sound and a critical awareness of the ways in which sound as an artistic practice is performed, produced and distributed.

Prereq: U: 4.301 or permission of instructor. G: Permission of instructor.
Lab Fee: $110

Contact: Florian Hecker, heck@mit.edu; Micah Silver (TA), qwe@mit.edu

Note: first meeting in E15-001