Architecture Design Option Studio — IGNEOUS TECTONICS (Parreño)

Required of: 
MArch students; optional for SMArchS/Urbanism students

The studio will revolve around the natural phenomena of the volcanic event, the geological processes that generate the tectonics of the earth as well as the processes of extraction and construction with the materials that result from these episodes. Students will design a space for the encounter of cultures in the Volcanic landscapes of Villarrica and Atacama. We will learn how to re-engage the land in order to design a space that fosters knowledge about these areas and promotes and shares the cultural identity of the Atacameños and the Mapuches: groups of indigenous that inhabit these volcanic landscapes since prehistoric times, who are currently marginalized and whose rights from the land have been taken.  

The design strategies, the architectural tectonics and the construction logics of the project will find their roots in the material processes of the earth and the geological histories of the region.

We will concentrate on three material processes rooted in these landscapes that are strongly connected to the spiritual believes and ceremonies of the pre-Hispanic ethnic groups that inhabited the Andes. Looking at geological, extraction and construction processes we will embrace fully the word tectonics moving seamlessly across its meanings: tectonics as the structure of the crust of the earth, its processes and its evolution through time; and tectonics as the science of construction in architecture.