Aiko Nakano

Aiko Nakano is an artist, designer, programmer, and mechanical engineer currently based in Seattle, WA. She explores virtual reality and mixed reality as artistic media for interactive art, using kinesthesia and other tangible interactions to create experiences that remove the boundary between the real and virtual worlds.

Most recently, she was a Creative Developer at Sosolimited, where she designed and programmed kinetic sculptures and interactive data visualizations in C++. Prior to joining Soso, she was a web developer at Jado Interactive, an architect at Höweler + Yoon, an architectural consultant at Transsolar KlimaEngineering, and a hedge fund analyst at Fortress Investment Group. She combines her eclectic set of skills and experiences to create interactive installations in the physical and digital spaces by weaving together a story using data and technology.

Aiko received her Master of Science in Building Technology from the Department of Architecture at MIT in 2015 and Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with Minors in Economics as well as Management Science also from MIT in 2009. Her Master's thesis with Urban Weather Generator is a first simulation tool to incorporate the urban heat island effect into the urban design process and has won awards and been published by the U.S. Department of Energy and MIT Center for Environmental Sensing and Modeling amongst others.

Her professional and personal clients include Twitter, MIT, Harvard University, the City of Boston, Singapore National Research Foundation, and US Department of Energy.

SMBT Thesis: Urban Weather Generator User Interface Development: Towards a Usable Tool for Integrating Urban Heat Island Effect within Urban Design Process