Daniel Smithwick

Smithwick is a design scientist. He is a PhD candidate at MIT and his dissertation is on the topic of how robotics can enhance design cognition, and he studies how designers use their hands to think and interact with material. He explores how robotic tools may enhance and extend this kind of embodied intelligence, and has published on this topic in design cognition and computation journals and at international design and cognitive science conferences.

He teaches classes on robotics, digital fabrication, and design making, and has led workshops and seminars on mass customization in architectural design. Prior to beginning the PhD program, he worked as a research staff member of the Changing Places Group at the MIT Media Lab.

While at MIT he served as Vice-President of the MIT Graduate Student Council in the Summer of 2015 and on the Committee for Graduate Programs, an Institute wide committee for shaping the graduate curriculum and student experience.

2016 PhD Dissertation: Physical Design Cognition: An Analytical Study of Exploratory Model Making to Inform Creative Robotic Interaction

2009 SMArchS Thesis: Architectural Design 2.0: An Online Platform for the Mass Customization of Architectural Structures