Hala Bashir Malik

Hala Bashir Malik is an architect and educator. She is an Assistant Professor at Razia Hassan School of Architecture, Beaconhouse National University where she teaches design and history. Her recent Studio projects have focused on the peripheries of Lahore that have been studied for their unique specialties and conditions in relation to the current development paradigm as part of a broader interest in the role of architecture in shaping the urban condition. She is a graduate of the Aga Khan Program of Islamic Architecture (SMArchS degree) at MIT. She has worked with the Aga Khan Cultural Service Program on the Walled City Project. In 2010, she co-founded Resettling the Indus to respond to the crisis in the aftermath of the 2010 floods by focusing on rehabilitation and resettlement of communities through the built environment.

2014 SMArchS Thesis: Enabling and Inhibiting Urban Development: a Case Study of Lahore Improvement Trust as a Late Colonial Institution