Inés Ariza

Inés Ariza is an architect from Buenos Aires, currently working as a researcher in the Digital Structures group part of the Building Technology program in the MIT Department of Architecture. Through her current research work, Inés is developing digital workflows for physics and assembly-based construction details, merging her previous research on robotic assembly and ruled-based discretization algorithms for precast concrete structures. Inés holds a diploma in Architecture from the University of Buenos Aires, and a MS in Design and Computation from MIT. Prior to coming to MIT, she practiced as an architect in Argentina, with particular involvement in the detail design and construction phases. Alongside her professional practice, Inés taught Morphology and Geometric Representation at University of Buenos Aires, served as a teaching assistant at MIT for design and fabrication courses (Un-flat Inevitabilities Integrated Form and Structure in the age of Simulation and Composites; How To Make (Almost) Anything) and as a shop monitor at the MIT Architecture Shops. Inés has also served as a 2014-2016 Fulbright Scholar, and as a 2016 Quarra Matter Fellow.

2016 SMArchS Thesis: Decoding Details: Integrating Physics of Assembly in Discrete Element Structures (link)