Joseph Swerdlin

Joey Swerdlin is in pursuit of architectural happiness.

Currently, he is a Master of Architecture Candidate at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology and Community Director at The Morpholio Project. He is also a member of Group Project, a collaborative working to connect architectural discourse with contemporary issues of social justice, mass incarceration, and food equity through an ongoing project with GrowingChange.

After studying Architecture and German at the University at Buffalo, Joey worked for Storefront for Art and ArchitectureAnts of the Prairie/Joyce HwangLiminal ProjectsCLOGOFFICE Kersten Geers David van SeverenRichard Meier and PartnersThe Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies, and WOJR: Organization for Architecture.

Areas of Interest
American Art, Art and Technology, Graphic Representation, Historiography, Housing, Modern Architecture, Public Participation, Social Equity, Social, Inclusion, and Diversity Planning, Theory of Architecture, Theory of Art, Visualization


2008 - 2013
BS Architecture, University at Buffalo

Academic Experience

2015 - 2015
Instructor, Institute for Architecture and Urban Studies

Professional Experience

2016 - 2016
Architectural Intern, WOJR: Organization for Architecture
2014 - 2015
Model Shop, Richard Meier and Partners
2014 - 2014
Architecture Intern, Office Kersten Geers David Van Severen
2013 - 2013
Research Intern, CLOG
2013 - 2014
Architecture Intern, Liminal Projects
2013 - 2013
Production Intern, Storefront for Art and Architecture
2010 - 2014
Design and Fabrication Collaborator, Ants of the Prairie
2011 - 2013
Digital Fabrication Assistant, University at Buffalo
2012 - 2012
Architecture Intern, Wendel Companies