Julia Litman-Cleper

Julia is interested in spatial cognition in relation to multi-media spaces, simulation, 3D modelling, visualization and virtual experience. Previously she studied Art Studio and Science and Technology Studies at the University of California at Davis and worked at the Exploratorium in San Francisco.

2016 SMArchS Thesis: Situated Mapping: Augmented-Reality Clay and Adaptive Interfacing

Areas of Interest
Alternative Energy, Art and Technology, Building Materials, CAD/CAM, Civic Participation, Computation, Digital Fabrication, Research Scientist, Feminism, Gender Studies, Globalization, Graphic Representation, Prototyping, Public Art, Public Participation, Regeneration, Shape Grammars, Structures, Sustainability, Theory of Architecture, Theory of Art, Theory of Urbanism, Trauma and Memory, Haystack Observatory, Visualization